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For a long time, we have felt that enabling frictionless banking and payment transactions technologies is a major problem and nobody seems to be doing it right.

About KwikPaisa NEO Bank

KwikPaisa NEO Bank is technological platform to provide Banking, Payment, Lending, Investment & Open Banking APIs to seamless performing financial transactions globally.
KwikPaisa handle all payment mode available worldwide. Also support process, disburse and NEO Banking system within own API core with global operation. Banking, Lending, Credit Limit & Other Apps with automatic accounting.
Working for move on digitally transformation of Banking and Financial need for everyone. Building single core system for whole world. Move anywhere, anytime carry any currency transform into any currency anywhere.
Our mission is to help online merchants succeed by giving them data-science superpowers
we have felt that enabling frictionless transactions is a major problem and nobody seems to be doing it right. We decided to tackle it ourselves.
Have the courage to approach a problem from a different perspective. Plan ahead, but act decisively

Our Core Values


Recognized as a leading customer satisfaction brand, our global customer support program

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Let us put your website in front of consumers at the moment in time they are searching for your products & services.


Single dashboard based banking and payment consolidation system. Manage throughtout globally.

Single APIs based consolidation transactions

Transaction Services (TRX) is the leading payment card processing solution for merchants looking to improve their financial performance.

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Kwik Capital work?

The Kwik Capital strategy

Get the convenience of an unsecured line of credit to manage cash requirements prior to your customer payments. Withdraw cash up to your credit limit, repay when customers pay and borrow again when you need cash.

Reduced Cash Flow Tension

Get advance payment for salary, services and stock according to transactions flow.

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