Understanding Cloud GST Invoicing

Payment Route, or Payment Splitter, by KwikPaisa simplifies fund distribution among multiple parties.
Businesses can collect payments from customers and automatically split the funds among various recipients.
Distribution can be based on predefined rules or percentages set by the business.
Ideal for businesses needing to distribute revenue among partners, affiliates, suppliers, or investors.
Streamlines financial operations, ensures accurate fund allocation, and improves transparency in payment processes.

Award-Winning Features

Seamlessly distribute funds among multiple parties with automated processes.
Set predefined rules or percentages to allocate funds according to specific requirements.
Monitor fund distribution in real-time to ensure accuracy and transparency.
Tailor settings to suit the unique needs of your business and partners.
Simplify financial processes and reduce manual efforts for enhanced efficiency.
Scale the Payment Route feature to accommodate the growth and evolving needs of your business.
Recognized for innovation and excellence in simplifying fund distribution processes.


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